Ngā Punga o te Moana Open Research Programme includes three key streams of open aquaculture research into new technologies, new knowledge, and social/cultural values. We want to see Aotearoa New Zealand become a world leader in multi-species open ocean aquaculture (OOA), but we currently lack the advanced knowledge and proven technology to do so. Ngā Punga o te Moana Programme’s research and development is closing the major knowledge and technology gaps that are preventing us from unlocking the full farming potential of the open ocean in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Expanding aquaculture into the open ocean

We are leveraging existing knowledge and investment in technology to support the Aotearoa New Zealand aquaculture industry's expansion into the open ocean.

This includes drawing on existing projects and partnerships held by Cawthron Institute including the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge’s ‘Precision Aquaculture spearhead project’, the Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) Platforms ‘Data Science for Aquaculture’ and ‘Shellfish Aquaculture Research’, and Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge projects.

We also plan to leverage global capability through key collaborations with both domestic and international research partners.

Once we have collated the knowledge we currently hold, we will be able to identify gaps, and decide which are the most important to address through new research and development.

Research case studies
Cawthron boatshed showing equipment